Volunteer Online Sign Up Process And Guidelines
Volunteer Signup Form and Approval Process
  1. Complete an online TANA Foundation Volunteer Registration Form at Volunteer
  2. Volunteer applicant application will be set to pending status and will be notified same by email.
  3. The email sent will contain steps applicants need to be taken ,the status of the application and also attached Photo/Video Authorization pdf form.
  4. Volunteer applicant should read the Photo/Video Authorization form fill it, sign it and send them back to Web administrator / Volunteer Board.
  5. Volunteer Applicant whose information is not clear will receive an email or phone call from Web administrator / Volunteer Board requesting additional documentation.
  6. An applicant is judged "Pending" if failing to provide documentation and may not volunteer.
  7. Once all the documentation received by applicant is verified by Web administrator / Volunteer Board . Web administrator / Volunteer Board will issue clearance and applicant will be sent an approval email inviting to volunteer for the TANA Foundation .
Volunteer Guidelines

All Volunteers shall work within guidelines established by TANA Foundation volunteer board. All volunteers must be approved prior to volunteering in TANA Foundation.

  1. Each Volunteers shall work under the direction and supervision of Volunteer Board
  2. Volunteer will be volunteering for only TANA Foundation related activities , events and assigned tasks and NOT AUTHORIZED to use organization name for any personal/other illegal use.

  3. Organisation is not responsible if the volunteer is involved in any non-organizational activities.

  4. Every Volunteer will be assigned the task based on the special skills ,interest and region where he/she is located.
  5. Each task of the volunteer assigned should be updated in their Dashboard which will be created immediately after the submitted application is approved.
  6. Volunteer approved by TANA Foundation volunteer registration form will be assigned to volunteer co-ordinator under whose supervision registered volunteer will work.
  7. All Assigned task on dashboard will be viewable by Volunteer Board ONLY .not to peer volunteer.
  8. Volunteers do not have access to sensitive confidential records or files.
  9. Volunteer should be aware of the local policies and organization policies and their responsibilities.
  10. All registered volunteer are automatically enrolled into TANA Foundation Volunteer program.
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TANA Foundation is a perpetual autonomous body of Telugu Association of North America (TANA). The mission of the Foundation is to improve the quality of life of all needy people in North America, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.