Subandha Foundation

Our goal is to raise awareness among the society and its role to a change in the perception of the citizens about how one's disposition of social responsibilities would build a strong and healthy living for humans. Most of times people tend to think what "One person" or "One Organization" can do to change the society is limited or not so resourceful. Subandha believes in "Help is counted, big or small, every hand joined together can offset the burden of the underprivileged". We strongly aspire to create a safe and trustworthy environment for everyone willing to help and receive it through Subandha Foundation. We provide food for the hungry, clothes for poor, education for the illiterate irrespective of age, cast, gender and other social attributes.


"Subandha Foundation" holds its base in Khammam, Telangana. Subandha is a culmination of aspiring hearts (partners) with great vision and responsibility towards building a socially equal society. Subandha also creates and promotes the events which involve donating food, collecting funds, giving out clothes etc. This enables people to extend their reach beyond a place where technology cannot. Subandha also creates awareness in the most mundane things like categorizing the trash, planting more trees, educating people about global warming, what one can do to prevent it and other social issues that have become parasites feeding on the society.

Our Goals :
  • To promote good relations among all the members in the society.
  • To provide cultural and recreational activities twice in a year among the family members of the society members.
  • To support Old, Poor and needy people by providing them essential things on regular intervals.
  • To contribute to empower the lives of Physically/Mentally handicapped people by supporting them for their essential needs.
  • We look to arrange campaigns at different places by organizing "Food Donation", "Drinking Water Supply during summer" & Distribution of Used/New cloths to the poor or needy.
  • To carry out all kinds of charitable service activities.
  • Works to create awareness on "Blood Donation", "Eye Donation" by conducting seminars/workshops.
  • Strives to maintain environmental harmony by creating awareness to people on "Plantations", "Plastic Usage", "Rain Water Harvesting", "Dry/Wet Waste Collection" & "Recycling"..
  • To achieve complete literacy and to work for promotion of education.
  • To do all the society activities and medical camps for the welfare of the poor people in the society.
How can you donate?

We have established an independent fund with TANA Foundation, called the "Subandha Foundation"

Donate Online by credit card

Please click on the link below and fill out all information including your email address.Receipts will be emailed to you which can be submitted for tax exemption. We will automatically receive a copy of your receipt for the purpose of tracking. Click here to Donate Now

Checks should be addressed to
TANA Foundation,
26233 Taft Road,
Novi, MI 48374

Note: Please mention "Subandha Foundation" program and your email ID  in the memo section.

"Be the Reason to Change a Life"

Contact Sandeep Bandi 251-635-8293 / +91 996-314-9980 or email to: for more information on "Subandha Foundation (" project.

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TANA Foundation is a perpetual autonomous body of Telugu Association of North America (TANA). The mission of the Foundation is to improve the quality of life of all needy people in North America, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.