Foundation Projects

These are projects that have a very broad scope and have the potential of helping the needy in the whole of Andhra Pradesh or the U.S. These projects have a leader designated by the Board of Trustees of the Foundation. The Board ensures that the benefits from the project are not limited to a particular region of Andhra Pradesh or the U.S.
Good examples of TANA Foundation Projects include – Hepatitis B vaccination, Child Rescue Shelter, Eyesight restoration, Nebuliser for Asthma Patients, Adopting bright Children to provide free higher Education (ACE), and Rural Sanitation

Projects Facilitated By TANA Foundation:

These are projects typically sponsored by philanthropists and well-wishers in North America. These projects typically benefit the hometown or village that the sponsor originates from. The projects facilitated by the Foundation span a wide spectrum. Typical projects include protected drinking water, construction of permanent cyclone shelters, school and college buildings, community halls,