Operation Envision

“Our Eyes are the windows to the world”. Yet, for millions of people in this world these windows open to darkness, or at best shadows. All you have to do is close your eyes for a moment to imagine what it must be like to be blind. No wonder, our ancient sages stated: It is an unfortunate fact that India is home to one out of every three blind persons on this earth. It is estimated that there are 1.2 million blind people in Andhra Pradesh alone!


Aids Awareness

Last decade, the world witnessed our beloved state rise to the top ranks in information technology generating much hope and optimism. Hyderabad has been a quintessential stop for two U.S. Presidents and multiple other CEOs. Sense of pride and accomplishment was pervasive in different sectors


Feed An Orphan

TANA Foundation, known for its relentless thirst to help the needy is raising funds for Orphanages and Schools that serve the Orphans and Physically/Mentally Challenged children. With a goal to gain support and inspire many for this great cause,


Adopt A Child

Adopt A Child( ACE ) is a TANA Foundation Project to help the academically good but economically poor students in Andhra Pradesh to pursue higher education. A child completing SSC from a Government High School is ‘adopted’ and assisted through an annual scholarship program to pursue higher education till completion of undergraduate education in any branch.

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