One of the way you can help is becoming a dedicated volunteer . Our Volunteer need no experience. Volunteer is key source of our organization  who makes difference by giving  time . There are many ways in which you can give your time. By giving your time you can educate people and bring awareness among them about  TANA Foundation mission. We have over 30 organizations who work hand to hand  with TANA Foundation to achieve their goal every year .  We are looking for more volunteers who can join us  and help on our projects . Your  small time can be Big Change .

Volunteer Services  :

  • Organizing Food Camps.
  • Organize Fundraising events.
  • Bring Awareness and Promote our projects in the your local neighborhood.
  • Collect  event update from  our TANA Foundation Partners.
  • Social media  and digital media  promotion

” Together we can make difference”Click here  . If you , your friends and your relatives would like to be part of our volunteer team ,Please join us by clicking  online sign up link below.

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